Finn Callihan, Keene Resident and Freshman at Keene State College

As a life long resident of the Monadnock region and a Keene resident for half of my life, I have an appreciation and interest in the local economy and general well being of the people in my community. As a college student, I chose to major in Economics because I see it as a way to understand the interactions of people, which is a critical step in learning to effect change on both a local and global level. In my opinion, we are on the verge or may have already crossed over into massive political crisis in this country and I want to be part of the solution as I move into the work force in this country.

This website is a project for an economics class that I was invited to attend. The course titled ‘De/Reindustrialization’ dug into the cause of manufactoring job loss between 2001 and 2010 in the United Sates as discussed on the page For this project I chose to do a case study Moore Nanotech. Moore Nanotech is truly a hidden gem in this community and I have appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this outstanding company. It has been a rare and inspiring chance to learn the history of the company and the elements of growth and development from the first hand perspective of Len Chaloux through two interviews that I conducted.